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Summer Series

Summer Series YV

Epic Summer

What's the best road trip you have ever taken?

This summer at Trinity, we're going on a road trip from Egypt to the Promised Land, focusing on EPIC encounters with God.  Please join our adventure reading through the book of Exodus. 

June 9     Preparing the Driver       Burning Bush         Exodus 2-3

June 16    Preparing His People      Passover               Exodus 12

June 23    Protecting His Children   Red Sea                Exodus 14

June 30    Providing the Basics       Manna and Water   Exodus 16-17

As we catch a glimpse of our Mighty God, our faith grows, and so does our courage.  God is calling us on an EPIC journey with Him to bring love, hope, and eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. 

The journey will be both painstaking and breathtaking, and may involve some risk taking.  Who's up for a road trip?  I'm in!