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October Series


Ever wish your relationships with God and others could be deeper and more satisfying? I believe they can be. Join us this month for our fall series – DEEPER. We’ll look at qualities of healthy and satisfying relationships with:

-Our families

-Our friends

-Our acquaintances

-Our God

Life is crazy. Nobody is going to give you more time in the day. We need to be more intentional with the time we have. By using healthy strategies and avoiding pitfalls, we can experience greater joy through deeper relationships.

We are Trinity Church, Sharing God’s Love with the Heartland and the World. Our Vision is Transformed Lives and Communities through Faith in Jesus Christ. We are One Church in Multiple Locations, Advancing God’s Kingdom on Earth as we Love, Bless, and Serve Our Communities. We are Always Ready to Share the Hope of Christ, with Gentleness and Respect.