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December Series

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  Peace on Earth?

Too often we settle for fake peace, forced peace, or no peace at all. Why is true peace so hard to find? Scripture tells us to seek peace and pursue it. (Psalm 34:14, Hebrews 12:14) In other words, the Lord knows that real peace is hard to find and takes effort to maintain. And yet it is worth going after! The biblical concept of peace involves:

               -Harmonized relationships

               -Rest and contentment

               -Being whole

               -Being reconciled to God and others 

God is not asking you to put on a good smile and muscle through this Christmas season on your own. He longs to walk closely with you and to grant you peace in every circumstance. Join us this month as we explore secrets for finding and sharing His satisfying Peace.

We are Trinity Church, Sharing God’s Love with the Heartland and the World. Our Vision is Transformed Lives and Communities through Faith in Jesus Christ. We are One Church in Multiple Locations, Advancing God’s Kingdom on Earth as we Love, Bless, and Serve Our Communities. We are Always Ready to Share the Hope of Christ, with Gentleness and Respect.