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April Series



It’s always precious, sometimes fragile.

It’s all around us, defying death.

We hear it in a newborn’s cry.

We see it in the twinkling of an elderly eye.

Sometimes thriving, sometimes hanging on by a thread.

Sometimes cherished, but often taken for granted.

We each have ONE LIFE to live before we face the God who made us.

What will we do with this ONE LIFE?

Spend it on our passions? Squander it on vain pursuits?

Or will we invest this LIFE doing things that have eternal value?

Knowing and loving the God who made us.

Leveraging our mortal lives to help others find ETERNAL LIFE in Him.

If we don’t stop to consider life, it will slip away unnoticed.

Please pray and join us this month as we celebrate and learn to make the most of LIFE.

Week 1 – Young Life, Child Dedication

Week 2 – New Life, Baptism Sunday

Week 3 – Eternal Life, Easter Sunday

Week 4 – Courageous Life, Celebration Sunday